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Enhanced Premises Security:
Comprehensive Access Control Solutions

Enhance Your Premises Security with Access Control Solutions

EBFP offers a range of access control solutions to ensure the safety of your premises against unwanted visitors. Our skilled team is capable of designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining various types of access control systems that cater to your specific needs.

Our systems come in various forms such as audio, video or biometric, each offering reliable security. We can also control access zones, restricting staff members to only designated areas and visitors to their respective areas..

All our services can be integrated for seamless operation. Integrated networks have the ability to communicate with each other for visibility and full user control.

Furthermore, EBFP specialises in installing and maintaining automatic gates, doors, barriers and rising bollards to provide an added level of protection to your premise, car park areas and private gardens.

Access Control
Automatic Gates/Doors
Gates/Barriers/Rising Bollards

How it works

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1. Contact EBFP

Call 01233 556 788 ‘or’
email [email protected] to discuss your requirements and book a survey visit.
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2. EBFP Arrives

One of our trained team attend to complete agreed works.
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3. Job Completion

With Certification provided, site left clean, safe and secure.

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70 YearsOf Protection
With over 70yrs combined experience in the fire and security industry, By choosing to work with EBFP you are guaranteed to be in safe, dependable hands.


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