Meet The Early Birds Fire Protection Team

Meet a selection of our core team and an opportunity to put a face to the name for some of you!

Hi I’m Craig, the Managing Director of EBFP
Since being in the Fire & Security industry since 2010, I have worked my way through the ranks from first day as tea boy and cleaner upper, to where I am today as a proud business owner.

Our team here are what makes EBFP so successful and enhances the continued growth of the business and client satisfaction. Our team are a vibrant and happy bunch, well… happy until I start to tell them my repertoire of terrible jokes, then moral takes a nose dive!

Grant Business Development & Project Manager Early Bird Fire Protection

Hi I’m Grant, Operations Manager

With over 30 years in the industry, I feel I bring professionalism, expert knowledge, and an ability to engage with clients on an approachable and friendly basis.

I hold a solid understanding of the regulations surrounding the fire and security industry which is vital to provide an unrivalled service which I always strive for. The best advice I was ever given was ‘Whatever it is, give it your all’ which has been my work ethic ever since.

I take pride in not only being instrumental in securing large scale projects for EBFP but also being hands on with both the smooth running of the projects and the support to the engineering crews on site. Think I secretly enjoy still getting my hands dirty…occasionally.

If I won the lottery, I would be the owner of a Caribbean beach bar spending my days with my feet in the sand and a cocktail in both hands unless I was serving a customer of course, I would then put one drink down! Time off is spent with the family and friends socialising around the BBQ whatever the weather, looking at which sports car I would love to own or chilling watching Formula One.

Jemma Office Manager/Director Early Bird Fire Protection

Hi I’m Jemma, Office Manager/Director

Since joining EBFP a few months after it started, I am extremely proud of what has been achieved in this time. We have a wonderful team to support our continued growth. I am looking forward to what we achieve in the years to come.

I would say my favourite way to spend my weekends is with my crazy family. I also love a sunny holiday, where you can find me on the beach with a cocktail or two.

Jo Davison Senior Office Administrator Early Bird Fire Protection

Hi I’m Jo Davison, Senior Office Administrator

Since joining EBFP in 2020 I have enjoyed learning about the fire and security industry and how all the different systems work as it was all new to me.

In our busy office, I help ensure that all of the administration is dealt with promptly and efficiently. I enjoy the good working relationships we have with our clients.

I enjoy my time off with friends and family and my very excitable cocker spaniel.

Jo Wood Estimator Early Bird Fire Protection

Hi I’m Jo Wood, Estimator

Having worked in this industry for 25yrs I can confidently say that this industry often requires ‘out of the box’ thinking to resolve issues and to ensure that the client and their building are provided the correct level of fire cover and I believe that I have always delivered this element with ease and would like to think of it as one of my key strengths but also one the things that keeps my interest in the industry.

I have consistently provided competitive quotations for our clients, knowing your market is crucial to getting the best price and quality.

This is a fast-paced industry never allowing you to sit back, I strive to keep learning to continue to deliver quotes that are up to date, within budget and as future proof as possible but with focus always on quality equipment.

Outside of work I enjoy my family and we often meet up for meals and challenges like escape rooms and murder mystery events. I enjoy cake baking and decorating and was lucky enough to teach in London following an entry into a competition some years ago which allowed me to meet many like minded individuals whilst understanding different cultures which links to my love of travelling.

Wendy Office Administrator Early Bird Fire Protection

Hi I’m Wendy, Office Administrator

I am the newest member of the team but feel I have brought my customer service skills and great sense of humour to the office.

I am enjoying learning about the fire and security industry and the administrative tasks that are associated with it.

In my own time I love to spend time with my family and socialising with my friends.

I am happy to be working with such a friendly bunch of people here at EBFP and am excited for my future with the company.

Adrian Bennett Early Bird Fire Protection

Hi I’m Adrian, Life Safety Systems Engineer

Proud to have 25 years of experience under my belt and still enjoying the field of engineering. I work within the walls of some of the most beautiful historic buildings in Central London maintaining complex fire systems. One day is always different to the next and the opportunity to keep learning is always available.

I have an ethic of hard work, respect and getting the job done efficiently.

I have a love for motorsport and horses, leisure time is spent touring in my caravan with my family.

Martyn Miles Early Bird Fire Protection

Hi I’m Martyn, Engineering Supervisor

Having spent over 10 years in the fire industry I feel the most important aspect of my role is taking immense pride in completing all works within timeframe, safety and technical measures. It is good to know that my work keeps people safe in their homes and work premises.

I believe in leading by example and will always go the extra mile for our clients. I was given the advice of ‘never give up’ and that has held me in good stead in my working life, if you don’t know – learn, if you are unsure – ask! The team at EBFP all knowledge share and help each other out. My advice to anyone wanting to join our team is that hard work gets noticed and rewarded.

When I’m not working you will find me spending time with my children, watching the boxing, singing – my colleagues have no idea about this hidden talent, cooking – which I am surprisingly good at or planning my next holiday in the sun.

Marcus Axtell Early Bird Fire Protection

Hi I’m Marcus, Engineer

I have over 6 years of experience in engineering and am proud of all the knowledge and experience I have gained. I enjoy working in the field of engineering and it keeps me out of trouble!

My skill set is focused on security and fire related tasks and I always complete any task with pride and efficiency.

I have a love for motorsport and holidays in hot sunny places. My greatest accomplishment in life is being a parent to my wonderful children.