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At EBFP we have experience of installing VESDA systems (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) and the client type is usually historic facilities, art galleries, museums, data centres etc due to this system being the ultimate in fire prevention.

Aspirating smoke detection systems are a type of fire detection system that actively draws air into a central detection unit, where it is analyzed for the presence of smoke particles. These systems are particularly useful in environments where traditional smoke detectors may not be effective, such as areas with high ceilings or where smoke may be diluted before reaching a detector. Aspirating systems are also highly sensitive, capable of detecting smoke particles at extremely low concentrations, making them a popular choice in critical infrastructure facilities and other high-risk environments.

Aspirating smoke detection systems typically consist of a network of pipes and sampling points, designed to draw air from across the protected area into a central detection unit. The detection unit itself may contain multiple detection technologies, including optical and ionization sensors, which work together to analyse the air sample for the presence of smoke particles. Because the sampling points are distributed throughout the protected area, aspirating systems can provide highly accurate pinpointed early detection of a fire, allowing for rapid response and containment.

While aspirating smoke detection systems are highly effective, they can be complex to install and maintain. Expert design and installation are critical to ensure that the system operates effectively and reliably, and regular maintenance and testing are necessary to keep the system functioning properly. Despite these challenges, aspirating systems are a valuable tool in fire protection, providing early warning of potential fires and helping to keep people and property safe.

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