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Defense Against Smoke and Flames:
Fire and Smoke Curtains for Enhanced Safety

The purpose of fire smoke curtains is to prevent the spread of smoke and fire throughout a building. By containing the fire and smoke in a specific area, the curtains help to reduce the risk of injury or death to building occupants and first responders. Fire smoke curtains are also an effective way to protect property and reduce the financial impact of a fire. By limiting the damage caused by smoke and fire, these curtains can help to ensure that a building remains structurally sound and can be safely occupied after a fire.

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Fire Curtain Access

Fire and smoke curtains are an important safety feature in buildings that help prevent the spread of fire and smoke. The smoke curtains are made of fibreglass and prevent the emission of gas and smoke, while fire curtains are stainless steel thread and are more resistant to direct flames and high temperatures.

These curtains are typically installed in large open spaces, such as atriums or lobbies, to contain the smoke and fire within a designated area. Fire smoke curtains are made of fire-resistant materials and are designed to deploy automatically in the event of a fire, creating a barrier between the fire and the rest of the building.

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