Close-up view of a red fire alarm inside a building. The fire alarm is prominently displayed, featuring a red casing with visible buttons and indicators. The image captures the essence of a critical safety device, emphasising the importance of fire alarm systems in protecting lives and property.

Fire Alarm
Service and Maintenance

Ensure Maintained Safety Measures:
Choose EBFP's Tailored Fire Alarm Services and Maintenance

Fire alarm service and maintenance are critical components of building safety, ensuring the effective operation of fire detection systems which are vital for the protection of life and property. Regular maintenance checks are essential to identify and rectify any issues such as battery malfunctions, wiring problems, or sensor malfunctions that could impair the system’s functionality. These checks also include cleaning detectors to prevent false alarms caused by dust or other particles, testing manual call points, and verifying the sound levels of alarms to ensure they can be heard throughout the building.

By adhering to local regulations and standards, which often require annual or more frequent inspections, building owners can maintain the reliability of their fire alarm systems, providing peace of mind that the building occupants are safeguarded against fire hazards.

Moreover, effective fire alarm service and maintenance not only enhances safety but also offers significant cost savings over time. By identifying and addressing minor issues before they escalate into major problems, property owners can avoid the higher costs associated with emergency repairs and potential damages from undetected fires. Furthermore, up-to-date and well-maintained fire alarm systems may also lead to reduced insurance premiums, as insurers recognise the lower risk presented by buildings that are better protected against fire risks. Thus, investing in regular fire alarm maintenance is not just a regulatory compliance issue but a prudent financial decision that benefits all stakeholders by ensuring a safe, secure, and cost-effective environment.

Man Installing Fire Alarm

Tailored Fire Alarm Solutions

At EBFP, we understand the importance of safeguarding what matters most to you while ensuring compliance throughout. Our tailored fire alarm service and maintenance goes beyond industry standards and regulations, elevating your protection to a whole new level. 

We design, install and maintain all types of fire alarm systems such as twin wire, addressable, non-addressable (conventional) and wireless. All designed to align perfectly with your unique needs and budgetary considerations.

Efficient & Flexible Maintenance

When it comes to fire alarm maintenance, choosing EBFP is choosing reliability, expertise, and peace of mind. Whether it’s routine maintenance checks or emergency repairs, one of our trusted operators will be on hand to assist you. Embrace the confidence that comes from knowing your fire safety is in the hands of professionals. Choose EBFP and safeguard what matters most.

Regular inspection and servicing every six months is imperative to maintain BS 5839 compliance for your fire alarm system. Failing to adhere to this schedule not only jeopardises compliance but also poses an unnecessary risk to lives.

Fire Alarm Installation

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1. Contact EBFP

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2. EBFP Arrives

One of our trained team attend to complete agreed works.
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3. Job Completion

With Certification provided, site left clean, safe and secure.

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